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Our Work

Our clients – who hail from diverse industries – are involved in the development process from the get-go. They are especially impressed with our four-step working model. Our software and management systems are reported as being user-friendly, detail-oriented and robust. Our data-driven approach ensures that results are delivered in a time-bound manner.


DWEAR is your ultimate fashion destination. It is not your regular  ecommerce platform that connects designers to the consumers. It is a support platform for stay-at-home fashion designers, freelancers, and open to all fashion curators part-time/full time, seeking online presence. 

Status : Delivered

Home Fashion Concepts

Home Fashion Concepts is your go-to home textile trading company located in New York. The company imports products from a reliable network of partners in India, China and Africa. At Home Fashion Concepts, we’re all about being updated with the latest trends in the world of home textiles so you get only the best when you buy from us.

Status : Delivered


The Lifestyle Sasha Collective is a Mumbai based premium Indian jewellery  brand that caters to the traditional yet modern, inspirational yet spontaneous, Indian woman.

Status : Delivered


WEARINDIA is your ultimate fashion destination WEARINDIA  is an exclusive portal and is open to members only on invitation. We only invite fashion designers, who have the potential of being FASHION ENTREPRENEURS.

Status : Delivered

Disha Kahai

Disha Kahai is a luxury designer label based in Mumbai. The label is divided into two segments: Disha Kahai Couture (DKC) and Disha Kahai Pret (DKP). Launched in 2018, DKC speaks for its unconventional modern aesthetic while being deeply rooted in its Indian culture. 

Status : Delivered

With Chocolate Joy Deliveries, you can now add a personalised touch to your gift. Order Now! Don’t settle for a regular box of chocolates when you can gift a personalised one.

Status : Delivered

All Talent

All Talent is the world’s most powerful Web Portal and App that connects Influencers, Performing Artists, Photographers, and Talents to Opportunities. Over 1,000 talents successfully placed in Movies, TV commercials, Ads, Events, Shows etc.

Status : Delivered

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