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Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Preparing social media calendars for each month. This includes concepts, content and creatives.
  • Posting the content on relevant platforms and managing your account(s).
  • Using data like location, demographics and personal information to create actionable content.
  • Running ads on social media to reach new customers.
Paid Marketing Campaign Services
  •  This includes planning, strategising, budgeting, creating, executing and reviewing.
  • Creating ad copy.
  • Running paid ads on Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.
  • Bidding the most relevant keywords for pay-per-click ads across GDN (Google Display Network).
  • Running different kinds of ads on Google .
Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimising your entire website using relevant keywords to rank your website at the top during search results.
  • Collating analytics data and trends using different tools to give you the right keywords.
  • Creating internal and off-page backlinks.
  • On-page SEO & off-page SEO.  
  • Regularly updating keywords to suit the current trends.
  • Writing SEO-friendly articles.
E-commerce Marketing
  • Using promotional tactics like native and on-site ads to drive traffic to your online store.
  • Converting incoming traffic into paying customers and retaining them.
  • Creating and maintaining ads campaigns. (This does not include ad budgets)
  • Using social media platforms to add direct links to your e-commerce store.
  • Sending regular emails (email marketing) on new products and discounts.
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